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 The ministry works to prepare specialty ministry teams to go into territories where no one wants to go, and then to tell the Good News. We carry this message through preaching and provision care ministries.

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Haiti 2004

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Margarte Hughes, founder of Missions for Christ, I saw you hungry, a missionary in Haiti reports that the situation in the city of Gonaives is very drastic. It seems that in many places the mud is up to 4 feet deep and there is doubt of the possibility of rebuilding the entire city. We have 10 churches in the city, with 200 members. She says that all the members have suffered personal loss. It seems that all in the city are in trouble.

Margarte and Joseph has been warned that if he goes to Gonaives, that they must have high boots for the mud is so high. There is sewage, dead animals and bodies that are affecting the water with a high danger of infection. Also, the smell of the city is terrible. They have to travel by donkey's because of the water level.

The immediate need for basic survival is great but the future will be very difficult as all small businesses and places in the market were destroyed. Many homes were completely destroyed. Churches survived but the walls around them were broken by the water. They do not know what can be done about the mud that will dry and leave maybe 1 to 4 feet throughout the town.

Margarte will see that supplies given will go to its destination as much as possible. Right now even that is difficult because of the desperation of the people. We sent a container from Richmond, Virginia on October 11, 2004, please
pray that the container will get through to the people when it arrives in a few weeks.

Thank you for praying for the needs of the people and for giving.

You, may give donations thru this web site.

His Servant,

Terry Ruschmeyer