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 The ministry works to prepare specialty ministry teams to go into territories where no one wants to go, and then to tell the Good News. We carry this message through preaching and provision care ministries.

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Missionary Invitation

Open invitation to missionaries...

We cordially invite you to minister with us. We need missionaries who can teach skills or help setup self sustaining projects and businesses as well as medical missionaries. School teachers and agriculture assistance are among the greatest need we have. Please consider staying for up to 1 year. You will be making a huge impact in our community.

Mission Application  - Download

This is a volunteer position in faith and trust. The biggest qualifier is your heart. God will use anyone with an open heart. There are no theological or seminary requirements.

You will need to obtain a passport (takes 45 days), visa (takes 1 week), and be responsible for your own shots (could be a few months depending on the shots you need).

Plane tickets can be bought through www.newhorizonstravel.biz 

ask for Stephanie J. Gibson

You will be expected to perform reliably, conduct yourself in a Christian manner, to be sensitive to cultural differences (easy), to love the people, and to be committed (to the mission trip and not primarily focused on sightseeing).

Send Application by mail to...

Love God Outreach International Ministry
Evangelist Terry Ruschmeyer
P. O. Box 34383
Richmond, Va. 23234
tel 804-398-3636  fx 804-275-1337

          Email: terry@lovegodministries.org or lovegodministry@aol.com