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 The ministry works to prepare specialty ministry teams to go into territories where no one wants to go, and then to tell the Good News. We carry this message through preaching and provision care ministries.

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Ministry Services

  • Short Term Missions
  • Long Term Missions
  • Medical Teams
  • Building Teams
  • Medical Equipment
  • Nutritional Needs
  • Health Education
  • Networking Ministries with other Ministries around the World
  • Prayer Network

Why different teams?

Our teams are assembled according to the particular need of each missionary site and are made up of caring professionals and lay persons who have a heartfelt need to send the message of God's love to other lands.

What skills can you use to serve?

You may be a part of this mission, we'd love to have you.

Q. Who can be a missionary?
A. Anyone!

Any skill or vocational knowledge you have will benefit the needy and will be the vehicle to bring them to salvation. 

For example; construction, dentists, medical workers,  optometrists, agriculturists, well diggers, entrepreneurs to help them set up businesses and bible schools, and more.

School teachers who can stay for 1 month to 1 year are the single greatest need and ministry.

The following programs are in need throughout Africa and India. They are all less than $5000. Any size gift is accepted.

1. EVANGELISM & CHURCH PLANTING :- Help us to plant and develop Churches in some virgin lands by-

(a) Coming with Evangelistic Teams for Crusades and other evangelistic activities.
(b) Help us to Acquire lands (building plots) for Churches in some strategic points.
(c) Help us Purchase Evangelistic Equipment including one (1) Bus for our Outreach Team. This will be used for both Evangelistic and HIV/AIDS campaigns.
(d) Help us put up Church Structures in some cities and simple ones in villages.
(e) Purchase and send Evangicubes to evangelists.

2. DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING:-Help us train & support disciples & Church Planters for this end time harvest by:

(a) sending us training Materials to setup bible colleges for pastors
(b) coming along with other speakers for seminars, workshops & Church Growth Conferences.
(c) pay tuition for a seminary student of $200


(a) Help us put up more & support orphanage ministry.


(a) Help us establish more Schools in some deprived areas.


(a) Help us teach skills and create businesses in tailoring, furniture making, and construction


(a) Help widows, orphans, and street kids support themselves by investing in a small farm.


(a) purchase bicycles for $65 or scooters $1000 which enable these needed leaders to be in places where they are needed. This is sorely needed by so many.


(a) you can support ministry in Africa by importing their handmade crafts, clothing, art, and selling it.


(a) Invest a small amount of money to help ministries, widows, orphans, and street kids support themselves.


Hostel - Guest House for border crossing travelers who need an overnight. The widows we care for will be employed at this hostel resulting in a method of supporting themselves and the orphans they care for. We have a small building that we can easily convert to a hostel-guest house (bunkhouse) in order to get started. Initial Investment $300 to purchase the bunk beds and linens.

Internet Cafe' - Offices services for the numerous businesses and border transactions needing copies, email, faxes. Initial Investment $ 150 plus a computer ( we have one laptop to start with already, and we will locate this center in our existing church location )

Primary School - families pay school fees to attend. For every 10 children who are able to pay, it allows us to give a scholarship to 2 orphans. Student fees are typically $50/term. Initial Investment - $1000

Street Kids Farm Expansion - we presently have the street kids farm locally needed crops to help support themselves and to give them vocational training as well as keeping them occupied. Your Initial Investment of $50 per 6 months would allow us to expand from our 50x100 lot to an acre. This will significantly increase the production and the income generated.

In Africa, we have the labor pool available. We have the desire and knowledge. We simply need the minimal investment to get started. You will see the fruit of the investment in a short period of time as we begin to send OUR people out to help OTHERS and even to travel to the USA and deliver help.